Strategic communications support

We provided knowledge management and communications support to the national personality disorder programme, jointly managed by the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Health.

Background to the work

A key member of the programme with communications responsibilities recently moved on. The programme initially commissioned us to provide technical advice and deliver two key products to breathe life into their communications activities.

The first product was a specification of work to develop a new website for the programme. Developers were invited to tender for the work and we supported a small steering group to appraise the proposals to determine the preferred supplier going forward.

The second key product was a communications strategy and suggested implementation support tools.


We worked in partnership with staff to ensure that the programme communiations activities:

  • are resource efficient by joining up in-house input around content development and commissioning external technical support for things like web hosting and maintenance that offers best value for money
  • are effective, delivering key messages to customers in a targeted and systematic manner
  • minimise the risk of error and reduce duplication
  • promote increased satisfaction amongst customers who know exactly where to go to find information they need
  • increase customer understanding of the programme and the value of its contribution to health and social care improvement


  • Improved customer understanding
  • Better use of existing resources
  • Greater ownership of the technology being used
  • More joined up communications activities
  • Improved confidence in communications

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