We take listening seriously, we do it all the time. We listen to what you have to say and provide advice to help you to shape a better future for your business.

We make a real effort to engage and create opportunities for communications. Active and reflective listening is our preferred tool for building successful partnerships. It is a process that requires trust and builds trust.

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Active and reflective listening

We use active and reflective listening skills to help establish positive communication channels with our clients. When applied successfully these skills help to reveal what our clients believe and expect.

As active listeners we listen not only to the content but to the motivation that underlies what you are saying. We listen with interest and are aware of any emotion that may attached to what you are saying. Most importantly, we are non judgmental and we are empathetic.

Active listening does not mean that we don’t say what we think. Our clients value our honesty and some of our most powerful conversations occur when we say what we think and challenge our clients position.

As reflective listeners we try to clarify what you are saying to us to ensure we have a shared understanding. Asking pertinent questions really helps.