Evaluation is a central part of improving the way we work. But in practice, it can be forgotten until a project is underway or even missed off altogether.

Evaluation is an important part of developing a systematic understanding of what we are doing. It can help prove what we’re doing works; but it is equally important as a tool to learn lessons for the future.

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What can evaluation do for my business?

Our expertise in evaluation will help you to make a judgement about the value of your work and its benefits to your customers.

We can support you to:

  • find out whether what you are doing works, in what ways and for whom
  • provide evidence of the benefits and impacts of your work
  • provide information for and gain the support of your customers
  • make sure and show that objectives are met
  • identify successes so they can be shared with others and rolled out across your organisation
  • identify problems and weakness so they can be solved
  • provide information to aid further development
  • secure funding for further development
  • identify staff training and development needs
  • guide future work
  • position your work in relation to current policy, learning and best evidence, and
  • build capacity and understanding for future work and evaluation.