We know just how important people supporting technology can be to the successs of your business.

We provide the right technical expertise to help you deliver first class people-driven technical applications.

workshop_h1 http://www.flickr.com/photos/teaguelabs/6030131750 by Teague Labs

Most importantly we know the pitfalls that some IT projects unknowingly slide into. We will help you to avoid these by ensuring that you come first and the technology second. We will not build bespoke applications from scratch when similar products already exist. We will not sell you software that your organisation does not need and will not use.

We will listen to what you want and help you to identify the solutions that best meet your needs. We will introduce you to low cost software solutions, taking the best of emerging technologies and making them work for you. We will help you to discover that this is much more than an approach to managing technology but about realising the benefits from improved communications and knowledge sharing within your organisation and with your customers.

What our partners say

Rowan has clear enthusiasm for progress and innovation, which is well served by his ability to understand and communicate his clients needs to us (as developers) and back from our technical discussions.

His clients’ needs are always foremost and it’s easy to work with someone that cares about what they do and is eager to exceed expectations. It also makes for a good working relationship when debates can be had with all parties concerned, considering who will ultimately benefit from the end result – the users.

Dan Donald, Production manager and web developer