Successful communications engage, motivate and retain the interest of your customers.

We can help you to improve your business by developing communications that sell the benefits of your work and products to your customers.

Author Steven Johnson, How We Got to Now, Innovative Initiatives workshop, Innovative Technology Partnerships Office (IPTO) by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Powerful communications tools

We use a social marketing approach to help you to develop ‘key messages’ that help you to ‘sell’ the benefits of your work to your customers.

We have developed a range of tools to support successful implementation of your communications activities. For example, we use an impact / influence matrix to analyse your key customer groups according to the impact your work has on them and by their influence over your work. This will help you to prioritise the level of engagement you have to take with each. We will support you to focus the majority of your work on the groups with the highest degree of impact / influence.

Accurate, engaging and informing

We can support you in provide accurate, up-to-date information on your business and its progress locally and nationally. We can help you to engage with and inform customers so that they are aware of your work and its benefits.

Involving and innovative

We can help you to involve customers so that they influence your business and help you to become more customer centric.

Co-ordinated, efficient and high impact

We will work with you to ensure that the expectations of your business are realistic and achievable.

We can also help staff in your organisation to work together in a co-ordinated and coherent fashion way to develop and disseminate your products to your customers more effectively.

This is not about throwing money at a new communications initiative. We can help you to work more efficiently utilising existing resources to ensure high impact delivery.