Monitoring Mental Health Environments

The Monitoring Mental Health Environments (MMHE) project aims to collect and analyse data on positive mental health at a structural level within 17 European regions. It will also assess the extent to which such data and information is used to effect regional strategies, policies and programmes to promote mental health at the community level.

Jude Stansfield, Senior Consultant for CSIP North West and project lead for communications, invited us to develop a web presence for the project. Working within a limited budget and a very tight timescale we were able to support Jude and colleagues to deliver a good looking and usable site that takes advantage of some freely available web services and open source applications.

We wanted a web presence early on to support our European project. Surepoint stepped up to help us deliver the site quickly and efficiently. We’re really happy with the results.

Jude Stansfield, Senior Consultant, CSIP North West

Background to the project

The project builds on previous research work and utilises a tested and agreed a set of structural indicators of social and environmental factors that have a proved impact in positive mental health.

The project has been funded by the Public Health Executive Agency of the Commission of the European Communities. The project is complementary with the work developed in the MINDFUL project, the Health Cluster Net project and the European Community Health Indicators (ECHI) programme.


We have made use of Google maps to show interactive infromation about the project partners overlayed onto a geographical map of Europe.

We have also made use of iPaper technology from to embed presentations and documents, making use of good interactive tools with excellent usability features.

We decided to integrate the open source survey tool Limesurvey into the website to help us to produce feedback and registration forms.


  • Rapid delivery of positive results
  • Strong brand and identity
  • Effective use of freely available software tools
  • Easy to use feedback mechanism
  • Comprehensive intelligence about who uses the site
  • Increased confidence amongst the project members

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