QI Ready learning network

Collaborating with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) to develop the QI Ready learning network https://qiready.rcgp.org.uk, an online resource that brings together people in primary care to learn about quality improvement.

Quality Improvement is an evidence-based approach that helps primary care free up time to deliver and evaluate initiatives, and embed new approaches more effectively and efficiently into practice. It helps us to make the most of our systems, organisations, talents and expertise to deliver better outcomes for patients.

Membership of the QI Ready learning network is open to people working in GP practices and other organisations that support them.


The QI Ready learning network is your starting place for all QI tools, guidance and case studies. These resources and guidance are developed with members, by members, and for members. These tools and guidance, and the examples in practice, are for all primary care practice staff.

The QI Ready learning network encourages members to share information about themselves and their quality improvement work with other members. In this way the network is supporting the development of collective knowledge and learning about quality improvement in primary care across the UK.

The QI Ready learning network has been developed as part of the RCGP’s Quality Improvement programme, led by two Clinical Lead’s Dr Mike Holmes and Dr Simon Stockill.

The homepage of the QIReady learning network with the interactive QI wheel

This topic provides ideas on how to harness patient input into the design and delivery of projects and their measures of success

A case study on the implementation of paramedics in a GP setting at Haxby Group in Hull

In this video Dr Mike Evans introduces the concepts of quality improvement in health care

This archive page shows the resources on the QIReady learning network

This archive page shows the quality improvement quick guides on the QIReady learning network

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