Ready to surf the Google Wave

As we have come to expect with the impending launch of a new Google app there’s a wealth of information buzzing around the web about Google Wave. To make sense of it all, Mashable writer Ben Parr has compiled key information, definitions, and links related to the launch of Google Wave.

So what is it?

Google Wave is a real-time communication platform that ties together the best features of existing communication and collaboration tools within a browser interface. These include email, instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking, and project management all in one place.

It offers users access to almost any iGoogle or OpenSocial gadget.

Google Wave also provides powerful extension capabilities through the use of  Robots which modify information, interact with users and pull information from outside sources. Existing robots provide spell checking, link writing and in-line search functions.

As with many existing Google apps Google Wave offers embedding tools that enable users to integrate their waves into a third party website or blog.

Want a preview?

Watch the demo video below from Google’s IO conference, May 27 – 28 2009, San Francisco.

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