Patient Opinion mashes up public feedback from different sources

In an exciting new venture those in the Patient Opinion lab have “mashed up” the public feedback which government publishes on NHS Choices website, with public feedback submitted through their own Patient Opinion site.

Patient Opinion is a not-for-profit social enterprise web site which encourages patients to share their experience of their treatment in the NHS.

According to James Munro of Patient Opinion, the resulting melange aims “To make it easier both for patients and staff to access all the feedback about their local services, and to increase the chance that public feedback will generate real improvements in services

This work from the Patient Opinion lab follows the work of the Cabinet Office led Power of Information (POI) taskforce which is opening up more public sector information as part of its implementation of the Power of Information Review. Read more about this on the POI blog.

Here at Surepoint we are doffing our caps to the Patient Opinion team and are looking to follow in their innovative footsteps.

Watch this space for news on work underway to bring in data about local mental health services from the NHS Choices website into the Choice and medication website we have developed. Our aim is to ensure that when people using mental health services and their carers have found information about prescribed psychiatric medication on the Choice and medication website they can also find out information about local mental health services without having to look somewhere else.

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