Armchair involvement

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement has launched a new web site called “Armchair involvement” which aims to provide a practical guide to using technology to engage people in health service improvement.

The site provides:

  • descriptions of different types of technology
  • interactive examples of where technology has been used to involve and engage people in health, and
  • the benefits and potential pitfalls of using technology to engage people.

Visitors are invited to submit comments and to share examples of where technology has been successfully used to engage people in health care improvement.

There is growing interest across the NHS and the public sector more widely in finding out whether social or participatory technologies tools can help to connect with and engage people to better understand their opinions and to encourage their involvement in public service improvement.

We will keep an eye on this website and other related public sector initiatives to see if they have an impact and lead to changes in the ways the technologies are used.

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