Blogging to confluence

Do you use confluence wiki and a blogging application outside of confluence? If so, you may be interested to know that Atlassian, the manufacturers of confluence, have been working to enable 3rd party blogging applications to be used to post and edit blog posts on a Confluence server.

Types of blogging applications

There are many free blogging applications – some are web-hosted solutions like [blogger] others are client based solutions like [MarsEdit] or [Ecto]. I use the latter as it enables me to read from and draft posts to many blog locations offline, for instance when I am travelling. In fact I wrote this post using Ecto on the train and now I am back online I can send it direct to confluence without actually going to confluence.

How does it work?

Confluence makes use of the [Blogging RPC Plugin] which implements the Blogger 1.0 [Application Programming Interface] (API) and the MetaWeblog API for Confluence. This let you post Confluence news pages from any client that implements these APIs.

How can I set up my blogging client?

There are instructions for various blog clients, including:

Are there any pitfalls?

Yes you need to use write your post in standard wiki-markup, it will all be translated normally when posted, including macros. Note, however, that your blog client will not be able to interpret the markup and will present it as plain text.

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